The Scare

AHHHH. This picture is supposed to induce horror in the reader and stuff. Is it working? 😀

A vortex of horror

From a moment of bliss

An action so damning

From one deathly kiss


A dream gone wrong,

Ten years too soon,

– like a school of dead children –

Causes nightmares behind lids


Of a babe bathed in blood

Fettered, festered, fresh

Nights bring no sleep

when praying not

for an undue ghost

to fly forth from the tunnel

and into the light

not in plain sight,

it is not in plain sight.


The weight presses down,

like a million cold corpses

With one life ahead

The other life is dead.

 A little poem about teenage pregnancies, the horrors that come with it and the consequences. Be sensible girls! Or as Coach Carr says: DON’T HAVE SEX OR YOU WILL DIE.

(and don’t worry, this isn’t from personal experience hahaha. Well I hope it never will be O.O”)