Valentine’s Day – A letter to the Love God!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I think I’ll take the time to appreciate the relationship I have and just to talk about my mushy feels in general. I decided to do that by writing a letter to the God of Love. Only there are so many, I don’t know who to address… ok, how about this?

Dear God/Venus/Cupid/Krishna,

THANK YOU. Oh my gosh, seriously. He’s amazing. Like, everything I could ask for in a guy. Kind, loyal, disciplined, trustworthy, and funny (also, you must have known what you were doing when you made that face 😉 ) He’s like, husband material. Can I keep him forever please?

Also, I’d like to put out a word for all the people who haven’t found someone yet. Please, make them meet the perfect person them sometime soon! Cuz they deserve it. Loving and being loved is wonderful.

Again, THANK YOU for giving me such a lovely boy,

LOVE, Yasmin xox

Hope these guys are listening! Oh wait… they look a little busy. Er um, well, Gods can multi-task wonderfully, I’m sure! [Source: ]


100-Word Response: Modern/Love (An Intel/W Hotels Film)

 A few months ago, Intel and W Hotels launch a promotional campaign: Four stories were picked from a scriptwriting competition to be turned into short films. These short films were promoted via film festivals and YouTube and are collectively known as ‘Four Stories’. Here is a response to my favourite of the four. It is called Modern/Love.

I have an obsession with love, travel and adventure. Modern/Love contains it all.

The storyline is developed, easy to understand and woven together very neatly.

The characters are likeable and relatable – being from different cultures* gives the film an inclusive vibe and a global spin.

The cinematography is ethereal, like a golden daydream has been stolen and turned into film. The music only strengthens the fantasy-like atmosphere.

The fact that in just nine minutes the story is full and satisfying suggests that I can liken it to chocolate cake. And anything that can be likened to chocolate cake is good.

*and meeting up in another country! 

The 10 minute film can be viewed below. Enjoy!

What I wish I could say.

Don’t talk to her instead of me. Don’t walk away. Don’t even look at her.

I’m the special one. You’re meant to only spend time with me. When you don’t, I want to push you away. You can’t get too close. Get too close and you can hurt me.

You told me you had a dream about me. Oh, you dreamed about her too? But I’m special, aren’t I? She and I aren’t too similar, are we?

Only I’ll never tell you what I think. I hate telling people how I feel. I’ll never let you know what I feel.



100 Word Responses: Unfortunate Coincidence

By the time you swear you’re his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying –
Lady, make a note of this:
One of you is lying.

Title: Unfortunate Coincidence

Poet: Dorothy Parker


This poem caught me, probably because of its implications about society and for the questions it forced me to ask myself.

Is Parker trying to say that one partner will love the other more at any given point in the relationship? OMG – if I take her seriously does that mean one of us is lying? Or is she just having a jab at certain relationships in which a partner is taking advantage of another? Do I know WHY I’m in a relationship – for my own needs or because I love my partner? Do I know HOW I love my partner – purely for lust or also for their personality? Also, have I chosen the right man? Is he trustworthy?

It’d probably be good to ask yourself these questions too before entering or during a relationship!

Insecurity post #1

I’ve always wanted to be the extraordinary one. That girl whom he wishes he could have forever, someone irreplaceable.

So when they bring up the other girls he’s liked, it scares me. My mind brings up the worst-case scenarios. I want to hurt him so I don’t get hurt if I’m not extraordinary enough; I want to push him away so I won’t care if he tries to hurt me. It’s all very tiring.

And usually ends with me planking on my carpet, envisioning myself as the heroine of a storybook instead of submitting myself to the mundane aforementioned shit.

Just some random love life insecurities. So much for extraordinary, haha.