Sluggish Sundays – My War with Laziness

I don’t know about you, but on some days I have a frightening lack of motivation to do anything whatsoever.

I’m sitting here chomping carrots, feeling fat and watching strange videos, completely ignoring the fact that I have a college/uni interview next week to prepare for as well as a language oral on Thursday that counts for 10% of my final grade.

I know I really ought to work, that this is The Right Time to get things done and a part of me tells me that I’ll regret it if I don’t do anything; then the second I risk a glance at the ominous pile of work sitting on my table, every fibre of my being screams in protest. Which invariably leads to me being in a situation where a niggling part of my brain goes “I told you to do your work earlier”.

Possible the most annoying bit is that because I have the nagging feeling that I should be doing homework, I stay at home. This is followed by a day of procrastination, in which I never get any work done, so it turns out that there was no point staying at home anyway and the whole day gets wasted.

Well guess what. I just want to spend ages outdoors frolicking in pretty meadows in the sunshine with some friends and my boyfriend, and then an afternoon running down a beach and swimming, then a next part of the day playing with fluffy animals, and then a warm quiet evening chatting around a campfire with apple juice and marshmallows and sandwiches and pizza and all things bright and edible.

One day, dear readers. One day.

On the other hand, I think it may simply be lack of exercise. I always find that after swimming, I feel like doing lots and lots of work. I have no idea why 😛 I stopped swimming since Christmas, so it’s been a while…time to get healthy – I’m going to join a swimming session on Wednesday!


The Importance of Travel

I was on the bus today, wondering what I wanted to do with my life. I knew why I wasn’t sure about my goals yet – most likely because I haven’t seen the multitude of possibilities the world has to offer.

I came to the conclusion that travel must be the solution! Why is it such a well-loved pastime? Of course, because it’s about learning: new experiences, new friends, new passions. And passion should guide us in our goal-making endeavours, right? I’m hoping my summer trip to Europe will inspire me to give my life direction – and provide more writing material!

This picture is supposed to be symbolic for travel. Nah just kidding. I just used it because it’s, like, license-free.

People: The root of all problems

I get really sick of people sometimes, and it makes me want to run away into the wild and build a house and just live off the land there.

Screw civilisation; we’ve simply created a more dangerous wilderness, one in which we cannot enjoy the solitude of an uninhabited landscape, but where we suffer the irony of isolation among the presence of a million others.

People are so caught up in their own lives that they don’t realise they don’t matter, that none of it matter and that people themselves are the cause of all the problems we have anyway.

Do people make life unbearable or worth living? I wrote this on a day where I was strongly feeling the former must be correct. But life goes up and down, and the right answer really is that people can do both 😛

My Life Plan

I’ll graduate from high school, attempt to finish uni but then drop out and head a company that brings me more money that I would have earned by getting a job with a silly degree, use the money to travel the world in style and visit each country and write 100 words about each day of travelling, make loads of friends, settle in a spacious but pretty cottage at a warm seaside town in Europe with cats, a gorgeous, sweet guy and two kids, write a novel, direct a movie then get abducted by friendly aliens on a road trip.

Because fuck ordinary life.

Meme Analysis

I have no idea what I’m doing

A dog to a laboratory set is as a human is to life (I’m evidently not deep).

Well I feel like that anyway. I was asked what I want to do with my life today. This meme was seriously the first thing that popped into my head. I feel like I’m sloshing random chemicals into other random chemicals and kinda making do with whatever the outcome is. Which wouldn’t bode too well if I end up with a combustion reaction. Perhaps it’s time to design an experiment – to make some sort of life plan so I know what I’m doing.


Sometimes life is awesome.

And, to be frank, sometimes life really sucks.

Sometimes I plank on my carpet and wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life. Whether school really is that important, whether adulthood is a scary, cruel place, whether anything I do has a point at all.

But some days everything clicks. You find your missing wallet; that date goes wonderfully; you snag your dream job. Horizons stretch out before you and anything is possible.

In short, life has ups and life has downs. We couldn’t have one without the other. So here’s a blog about both.

❤ Cya tmr!