How to be a writer

You cannot write if you have not lived. This, I believe, is the only rule for writers, or any artist for that matter.

Stories are life from the writer’s viewpoint. So if the writer has not lived, there will be nothing to write about.

The very best writers are those who draw the most out of life, capture its little details and understand it fully. Writers take what they have learnt and share it with the world. Writers are teachers, writers are learners. Writing is a give and take process. To have written is to have lived. That is all.

Me being an artsy-fartsy, pretentious little child. See how the slightly old fashioned tone makes everything I say so much more serious? It’s true though, that the best remedy to writer’s block is a day spent outdoors!


How to Make Friends

There is no one who does not harbour insecurities from past events.

There is no one who has not experienced loneliness for no good reason whatsoever.

There is no one who has not felt there is something missing – but that what is missing cannot be pinpointed.

However, we can all find solace in knowing that everyone feels the same way. It is when we conceal our thoughts that we are distanced and divided. It is when we reveal these thoughts to someone who listens that a connection is made, there is no divide, and you don’t feel so lonely anymore.

And that, boys and girls, is how you make real friends. By my standards, anyway.