School: Dreams and Freedom

Is it important to develop skills in doing what we love, or skills that will make us well rounded as we do at school?

I still can’t decide whether school really benefits us.

I’ve often wondered if we’re wasting our youth on learning to do things that we are told do, not finding out what we want to do by ourselves. Instead of having time to figure ourselves out we are asked to spend our time training to make money for other people.

Is this why so many people are unhappy today? Because they didn’t have the space to dream?

Here is the famous TEDTalks video on this topic; if you haven’t seen it already I highly recommend it:


My love-bunny (no, I don’t actually call him that IRL) was upset today because he’s worried about his grades and the expectations of his parents. Naturally it got my cogs running again and I thought “Oh! Another topic for my daily rambling”. Haha. Well what do you think: school = good, or bad?


Dog Days Aren’t Over

There isn’t much space.

There never was.

I can’t trust the others either, because we fight for food. Fight for everything. There’s barely space to walk a few paces in, in our enclosure. Three of us. Big, aggressive males, bursting with energy.

Through the gate, freedom beckons, but the gate is always closed. And we’re on the wrong side of it.

There isn’t much to do either. It’s boring and it makes me sad.

I heard beautiful music playing from the other house once. It made us quiet. It made us sit and think. The girl who lives there talks to us from the window and tells us not to be sad. She thinks it’s better that we die though. I see it in her eyes.

But maybe one day she’ll sneak down to our enclosure and we can run past the gate. Maybe we’ll have space enough to be friends, the three of us, and her. Maybe it won’t have to be like this anymore.

Based off the three dogs that live in the little garden near my house. It’s really unfair, since they’re quite big but have no space to run, so I decided to write one for them, the poor things. 

Exams: the carnage of creativity

So recently I’ve been going through a form of modern day torture, i.e. having to sit exams.

Every day I’m holed up in my room studying, I wonder: is this it? Why is school so important, when it wasn’t my choice to make it a priority? Granted, learning certain skills is imperative if we are to make the right choices in the first place, but is the system right? How much time am I wasting memorising facts when I could be writing stories, or exploring the vast world that nature has to offer me? The world just outside my door, while I ironically travel an hour a day just to get to school?

Just some random thoughts about how upset I get that studying cuts so much into my free time. I feel like a SLAVE, people 😦 I want time to do my own thing. Don’t you ever feel the same? What do you think we should do about this problem of being too busy to do what you really want to do?