In which I compare my boyfriend to Adonis.

Readers, please note that this post was created under the influence of infatuation, limerence, puppy love, and whatever excuses there are for writing stupid things.

Adonis is one of Venus’s lovers in Greek mythology. He was damn hot, young and an awesome hunter (until he gets gored to death by a boar. Ouch.)

HEY! My guy’s hot, young (three years younger than me, actually) and a good athlete. I just hope he doesn’t get gored to death by a large pig or anything. Also, there’s an uncanny similarity in how Venus tries to stop Adonis from hunting so he can stay with her and me trying to stop my guy running off to play sports. Hah. I guess even after thousands of years, things don’t change.

And here, kids, is an image of the modern girlfriend trying to stop the boyfriend from running off to play videogames. Oh wait.