100-Word Responses: A Doll’s House…

…was released in 1879 and caused quite a stir, because the female protagonist leaves her husband in the end. In 1879, female independence – socially or economically – was pretty unheard of, and women tend to be objectified. Of course, those attitudes are very old fashioned, and –

Oh wait.

I think A Doll’s House is still relevant to today’s society: gender-based wage gaps, objectification of women in the media and expectations of gender roles are still present. I’m aware discrimination occurs wherever there is difference, but that is not to take the ignorant view that sexism isn’t a major societal issue anymore.


I recently studied ‘A Doll’s House’ with my english class this year and it made me want to write my response to it (because this blog is the cesspool of my thoughts and I’ve decided to throw more opinions at things).