First Time Here?

Hello world! I’m Yasmin Mond. I’m 17.

Let’s get to the point. Everyone knows the “about” in about pages secretly means “why you should give a rat’s droppings ABOUT what I write”. So here are 3 reasons you should read my blog:

  1. I live in Asia, go to an international school and am a third culture kid. In other words: I am meant to be culturally fascinating. Love me.
  2. I write about everything I can get my grubby writer’s hands on. (This does does come with disadvantages: see below)
  3. I take the rigorous International Baccalaureate academic course (also suggesting that I boast about how much better I am than you because I do it. Just kidding. Here are some muffins so you won’t think I’m so mean) –>

stolen off – just for you ❤


From – enjoy that creamy rainbow goodness!

This blog is basically a self-improvement project, and I spew onto it whatever’s in my mind. It’s also a place where I shove all my petty insecurities and angsty teenage feels.

As a result, this blog has become a confused hodge-podge of random rambling, and though I’m thankful for my followers, I have a feeling they think I have no idea what I’m doing. LOL.

Anyway, take a look around! You never know – there might be a post that’ll catch your attention/that you’ll enjoy reading.

Yay, another picture! 

Here is a photo of some people. One of them may or may not be totally relevant to this blog.


What do YOU think?

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