My Daddy Married a Dragon! (A short poem for parentally disturbed children)

My poem will be LEGENDARY. TAKE THAT, AND THAT, FOUL BEAST. (haha. I’m weird)

My Daddy married a dragon!

With skin as hard as stone

Imagine the shock of my brother and I

When we entered our home!

It sat upon the rough stone floor,

Belching smoke and fire

– We turned to Daddy and told him

That he had built his funeral pyre.

From that day on we lived warily,

Avoiding it when we could

It’s footsteps in the corridors

Made tremors wherever you stood

But one night, my brother and I

Were playing in the hall,

When all at once – a hiss – a thud

My brother lay there sprawled

I needed not to look upwards

To beware of the hideous beast

Licking and smacking its horrible lips

As though we were some sort of feast

“You dare make a mess of the hall?”

It screamed, it’s face contorted, grotesque

And curling its jagged, gnarled old claws

Left us no time to protest

I dashed up the stairs as it chased me,

But what I saw scared me instead,

For lying in a pool of his guts

Lay my father – quite properly dead!

To the right: armour! I grabbed it,

And rushed back, heated as hell.

My father was gone but I wouldn’t let

That beast take my brother as well.

I pulled down my visor, drew out my sword,

Threw blow after blow on those scales,

Ducking, winding, weaving, whatnot,

Dodging the demon’s quick tail.

Finally it fell, oozing hatred and spite,

Behead it I did with one smite.

My brother was well for he picked himself up

And applauded me with great delight

My foolish father! He did have it coming

For wedding that monstrous belle

Both of those simpletons simply forgot

That we are half dragon as well!

Hi everyone! This poem is not meant to indicate that I have a horrible relationship with my parents. I was wondering what it felt like to have parents who aren’t that nice, because I have a cousin who does so that inspired me to write this. And I just thought it would be nice to write a poem about kids who rebel against authority. 😛 Sorry I haven’t posted for so long!


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