100-Word Response: Modern/Love (An Intel/W Hotels Film)

 A few months ago, Intel and W Hotels launch a promotional campaign: Four stories were picked from a scriptwriting competition to be turned into short films. These short films were promoted via film festivals and YouTube and are collectively known as ‘Four Stories’. Here is a response to my favourite of the four. It is called Modern/Love.

I have an obsession with love, travel and adventure. Modern/Love contains it all.

The storyline is developed, easy to understand and woven together very neatly.

The characters are likeable and relatable – being from different cultures* gives the film an inclusive vibe and a global spin.

The cinematography is ethereal, like a golden daydream has been stolen and turned into film. The music only strengthens the fantasy-like atmosphere.

The fact that in just nine minutes the story is full and satisfying suggests that I can liken it to chocolate cake. And anything that can be likened to chocolate cake is good.

*and meeting up in another country! 

The 10 minute film can be viewed below. Enjoy!


What do YOU think?

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