Dog Days Aren’t Over

There isn’t much space.

There never was.

I can’t trust the others either, because we fight for food. Fight for everything. There’s barely space to walk a few paces in, in our enclosure. Three of us. Big, aggressive males, bursting with energy.

Through the gate, freedom beckons, but the gate is always closed. And we’re on the wrong side of it.

There isn’t much to do either. It’s boring and it makes me sad.

I heard beautiful music playing from the other house once. It made us quiet. It made us sit and think. The girl who lives there talks to us from the window and tells us not to be sad. She thinks it’s better that we die though. I see it in her eyes.

But maybe one day she’ll sneak down to our enclosure and we can run past the gate. Maybe we’ll have space enough to be friends, the three of us, and her. Maybe it won’t have to be like this anymore.

Based off the three dogs that live in the little garden near my house. It’s really unfair, since they’re quite big but have no space to run, so I decided to write one for them, the poor things. 


Exams: the carnage of creativity

So recently I’ve been going through a form of modern day torture, i.e. having to sit exams.

Every day I’m holed up in my room studying, I wonder: is this it? Why is school so important, when it wasn’t my choice to make it a priority? Granted, learning certain skills is imperative if we are to make the right choices in the first place, but is the system right? How much time am I wasting memorising facts when I could be writing stories, or exploring the vast world that nature has to offer me? The world just outside my door, while I ironically travel an hour a day just to get to school?

Just some random thoughts about how upset I get that studying cuts so much into my free time. I feel like a SLAVE, people 😦 I want time to do my own thing. Don’t you ever feel the same? What do you think we should do about this problem of being too busy to do what you really want to do?

In which I compare my boyfriend to Adonis.

Readers, please note that this post was created under the influence of infatuation, limerence, puppy love, and whatever excuses there are for writing stupid things.

Adonis is one of Venus’s lovers in Greek mythology. He was damn hot, young and an awesome hunter (until he gets gored to death by a boar. Ouch.)

HEY! My guy’s hot, young (three years younger than me, actually) and a good athlete. I just hope he doesn’t get gored to death by a large pig or anything. Also, there’s an uncanny similarity in how Venus tries to stop Adonis from hunting so he can stay with her and me trying to stop my guy running off to play sports. Hah. I guess even after thousands of years, things don’t change.

And here, kids, is an image of the modern girlfriend trying to stop the boyfriend from running off to play videogames. Oh wait.

Books vs. ebooks

I like the feel of a book on my hands, the smell of old pages, the way I can flick through them.

I use computers everyday to study, but they will never replace books. It just feels like there’s a bigger distance if you’re reading something through a screen. Books are the physical link between reality and the fantastic world to which a book could transport you. A library is friendly because the spines of books surround you, each unique, each full of character. A library where identical, mechanical screens glare back at you is one that feels most unwelcoming.

I understand the many advantages of ebooks (eg when considering transport or storage) but this is my personal, emotional attachment to books acknowledging the importance of their existence. Hope you enjoy!

People: The root of all problems

I get really sick of people sometimes, and it makes me want to run away into the wild and build a house and just live off the land there.

Screw civilisation; we’ve simply created a more dangerous wilderness, one in which we cannot enjoy the solitude of an uninhabited landscape, but where we suffer the irony of isolation among the presence of a million others.

People are so caught up in their own lives that they don’t realise they don’t matter, that none of it matter and that people themselves are the cause of all the problems we have anyway.

Do people make life unbearable or worth living? I wrote this on a day where I was strongly feeling the former must be correct. But life goes up and down, and the right answer really is that people can do both 😛


100 Word Responses: Unfortunate Coincidence

By the time you swear you’re his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying –
Lady, make a note of this:
One of you is lying.

Title: Unfortunate Coincidence

Poet: Dorothy Parker


This poem caught me, probably because of its implications about society and for the questions it forced me to ask myself.

Is Parker trying to say that one partner will love the other more at any given point in the relationship? OMG – if I take her seriously does that mean one of us is lying? Or is she just having a jab at certain relationships in which a partner is taking advantage of another? Do I know WHY I’m in a relationship – for my own needs or because I love my partner? Do I know HOW I love my partner – purely for lust or also for their personality? Also, have I chosen the right man? Is he trustworthy?

It’d probably be good to ask yourself these questions too before entering or during a relationship!

Rape, Sexism and the Media – A Perspective on India

Sexism still runs amok today, but with varying degrees in different cultures. Hollywood frequently depicts women as objects, but laws and a history of feminist movements make blatant sexism unacceptable in developed countries. So let’s take the case of Bollywood movies where males are dominant. They eve-tease swooning girls who have little or no character and dance in raunchy “item numbers”. With this offal being fed to the Indian masses, no wonder there is something of a rape culture being reaped there. This art imitating life imitating art cycle must stop, as movies are a vital cornerstone for social change.

A post I’d love to go into more detail with in the future, because I strongly feel that media’s affect on our lives is largely underrated, and would like to further develop my argument.

A stock item number, featuring scantily clad girls and overly suggestive dance moves (if you click on the picture, it’ll take you to the song).

100-Word Responses: A Doll’s House…

…was released in 1879 and caused quite a stir, because the female protagonist leaves her husband in the end. In 1879, female independence – socially or economically – was pretty unheard of, and women tend to be objectified. Of course, those attitudes are very old fashioned, and –

Oh wait.

I think A Doll’s House is still relevant to today’s society: gender-based wage gaps, objectification of women in the media and expectations of gender roles are still present. I’m aware discrimination occurs wherever there is difference, but that is not to take the ignorant view that sexism isn’t a major societal issue anymore.


I recently studied ‘A Doll’s House’ with my english class this year and it made me want to write my response to it (because this blog is the cesspool of my thoughts and I’ve decided to throw more opinions at things).

How to be a writer

You cannot write if you have not lived. This, I believe, is the only rule for writers, or any artist for that matter.

Stories are life from the writer’s viewpoint. So if the writer has not lived, there will be nothing to write about.

The very best writers are those who draw the most out of life, capture its little details and understand it fully. Writers take what they have learnt and share it with the world. Writers are teachers, writers are learners. Writing is a give and take process. To have written is to have lived. That is all.

Me being an artsy-fartsy, pretentious little child. See how the slightly old fashioned tone makes everything I say so much more serious? It’s true though, that the best remedy to writer’s block is a day spent outdoors!

On some days, apathy eats its way into places I never should let it go.

It seeps from my brain, after telling me that life is pointless, and slithers down into my heart, making me doubt my love.

What! I exclaim. But He’s perfect. He’s kind, generous, gentle!

But the hole gapes wider anyway, a yawn of black emptiness.

It’s nothing to do with Him, a fresh voice whispers. It’s you. Only you fill the gaps. He is your lover, he complements you. It’s you who must fulfil yourself.

And the apathy withdraws reluctantly, and my heart is whole again.

It’s so hard to stick to the 100 word limit!! Maybe I’ll expand on my favourite posts in the future, so you’ll actually know what I’m talking about… Anyway, see you next time!