My Life Plan

I’ll graduate from high school, attempt to finish uni but then drop out and head a company that brings me more money that I would have earned by getting a job with a silly degree, use the money to travel the world in style and visit each country and write 100 words about each day of travelling, make loads of friends, settle in a spacious but pretty cottage at a warm seaside town in Europe with cats, a gorgeous, sweet guy and two kids, write a novel, direct a movie then get abducted by friendly aliens on a road trip.

Because fuck ordinary life.


Graph of Success Rate by Mediocrity

“Be fearful of mediocrity.”

Just thought I’d stick in a deep meaningful quote so you’ll think I’m really wise and clever and philosophical and all that stuff. Understandably, of course, when you start out, your work may be mediocre by public standards (Hopefully your work moves towards the “good” end of the spectrum, and not the other way around…)

But mediocrity is never something you should aim for. Avoid it like you’d avoid the bubonic plague in the Byzantine Empire.

Please refer to the graph below for a semi-quantitative representation of how the good, the bad and the mediocre work.

graph of success rate by mediocrity

How to Make Friends

There is no one who does not harbour insecurities from past events.

There is no one who has not experienced loneliness for no good reason whatsoever.

There is no one who has not felt there is something missing – but that what is missing cannot be pinpointed.

However, we can all find solace in knowing that everyone feels the same way. It is when we conceal our thoughts that we are distanced and divided. It is when we reveal these thoughts to someone who listens that a connection is made, there is no divide, and you don’t feel so lonely anymore.

And that, boys and girls, is how you make real friends. By my standards, anyway.

Meme Analysis

I have no idea what I’m doing

A dog to a laboratory set is as a human is to life (I’m evidently not deep).

Well I feel like that anyway. I was asked what I want to do with my life today. This meme was seriously the first thing that popped into my head. I feel like I’m sloshing random chemicals into other random chemicals and kinda making do with whatever the outcome is. Which wouldn’t bode too well if I end up with a combustion reaction. Perhaps it’s time to design an experiment – to make some sort of life plan so I know what I’m doing.

Insecurity post #1

I’ve always wanted to be the extraordinary one. That girl whom he wishes he could have forever, someone irreplaceable.

So when they bring up the other girls he’s liked, it scares me. My mind brings up the worst-case scenarios. I want to hurt him so I don’t get hurt if I’m not extraordinary enough; I want to push him away so I won’t care if he tries to hurt me. It’s all very tiring.

And usually ends with me planking on my carpet, envisioning myself as the heroine of a storybook instead of submitting myself to the mundane aforementioned shit.

Just some random love life insecurities. So much for extraordinary, haha. 


Sometimes life is awesome.

And, to be frank, sometimes life really sucks.

Sometimes I plank on my carpet and wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life. Whether school really is that important, whether adulthood is a scary, cruel place, whether anything I do has a point at all.

But some days everything clicks. You find your missing wallet; that date goes wonderfully; you snag your dream job. Horizons stretch out before you and anything is possible.

In short, life has ups and life has downs. We couldn’t have one without the other. So here’s a blog about both.

❤ Cya tmr!